What Makes Us Tick!

About us

As you read through these lines, we'll be way into the future. With technical advancements in full swing we no longer have to pound the doors of traditional publishers as with self-publishing your words can travel to people unknown, places unknown and times unknown. It's at Picaso print we mark the genesis of the journey of your words. . We at Picaso Print believe that every book has it's own dedicated audience/readers. Our end to end self publishing services i.e. from book design cover to editing and from publishing to marketing never fail to more than satisfy our customers. In terms of services we believe that Good is the enemy of great and we are striving towards an enduring great company.If you are an aspiring author then we are here to make your writings impeccable by our editing services and add wings to your words by our avant grade marketing services. So grab your mugs and sit tight as we enter this space-time continuum, to contemplate a writer’s world.