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Book Editing

Toll Free Number :- +1-844-415-9444

Picaso Print

Book Editing

Toll Free Number :- +1-844-415-9444

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We do not stop at making your new book look good, we can also help to make it read perfectly.

Be it an independent author’s confidence, laziness or impatience, copyediting and proofreading are oft-ignored steps in the publishing process. But there’s a reason that every professional writer works through endless drafts until they settle upon a final proof; No one gets it right the first time.

High quality proofreading and copyediting will elevate your book from amateur to professional – nothing says ‘don’t bother reading me’ like a misplaced apostrophe in the blurb, or a run-on sentence on the first page. Copyediting is the final step in perfecting your manuscript, and it needs to be done flawlessly.

Our word-by-word editing and proofreading process addresses grammar, word usage and consistency issues, and is conducted as follows:

Check for and correct grammatical and linguistic errors, including punctuation, spelling and sentence structure.

Check the manuscript’s consistency of voice and style.

Conduct a final review to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Provide comprehensive editor’s notes on the book.

We know that you’ve poured your heart and soul into this book, and realise that it can be a challenging experience to hand the reins over to someone else. As such we are careful to comment on every edit that we perform, enabling you to review and accept each and every one. This allows you to understand where the changes have been made, and why.

Writers are almost always blind to their own mistakes. That’s why there’s not a single professional author who copyedits their own work. If you want to produce a truly professional tone, copyediting is a non-negotiable.

And thanks to Picaso Print it has never been easier.

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